As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, thousands of Community Leaders have joined forces to soften its impact on millions of lives across Africa.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight how our pan-African network “RELAY” is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for last-mile villages and illiterate populations…

MONUSCO documentation

The RELAY network of community leaders was established to connect the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Sub-Saharan civil society leaders who serve their local communities on a daily basis. Many leaders in our network are engaged by one or more humanitarian agencies to facilitate the implementation of their…

Nigerian RELAY Community Network’s leaders are taking action against COVID-19 with the support of REFUNITE’s materials as well as the life-saving skills exchanged within the network.

The RELAY Community Network leaders are looking after their constituents all over Africa, coming up with innovative ways to protect their people. …

As Coronavirus swipes the world, the city of Bangui wasn’t spared by the pandemic. By the time we wrote this article, the Central African Republic registered 1,850 confirmed cases, 38 recoveries, and 5 deaths (June 2020).

With the fake news phenomenon on social media, Central Africans quickly found themselves surrounded…

Following a public announcement from the government of the Central African Republic (CAR) to reopen restaurants and places of worship, the citizens became excited. Nevertheless, Covid-19 cases are rising in the country. This shows that social distancing and washing hands are still necessary.

Community leaders are taking the responsibility of…

Uganda, the country is home to close to 2 million refugees who live for the most part in refugee settlements where RELAY Community Network leaders actively intervene in community matters.

It’s been no different during the Coronavirus pandemic as the Congolese refugee leader Seraphin Kighoma Paluku has engaged in the protection of his community. Knowing that a face mask is a crucial protection element against the current world pandemic, Seraphin involved a group of community tailors to make reusable face masks using Vitenge, the traditional Congolese material part of the national attire.

These face masks are distributed to all refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement as a protection tool against COVID-19.

Roger Musoka, a Congolese leader from Rutshuru town, in D.R. Congo, was looking for a way to support his community in the fight against COVID-19 when he learned about other leader’s activities and innovation in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Musoka wanted to make sure the inhabitants of Rutshuru town would follow…

When early cases of the novel Coronavirus were being confirmed in Africa, Solomon Shehu Jatawa reached out to REFUNITE. He asked for support to equip himself with knowledge and ideas that could help him take the right steps to protect his community of Postikum town in Nigeria.

Solomon Shehu Jatawa

In Nakivale settlement, Uganda, the Congolese leader Seraphin Kighoma Paluku launched the production and free distribution of protective face masks among his community. He realized though that his people were either not wearing the masks or doing it wrongly.

In early April 2020, many remote villages away from major cities in D.R. Congo were still learning to navigate between myths and reality about COVID-19 as the country announced its first confirmed cases. That was the case in the Rutshuru territory. …


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